The Interstellar Initiative

Join the Interstellar Initiative! A future, driven by students.

With an estimated 1.8 billion youth around the world, there will be hundreds of thousands of successful adults in the future, driving everything from technology to science research. We are the ones who will advance our current knowledge and understanding to shape the world of tomorrow. Students incite their interests in multiple subjects at a young age, as they learn about the smallest particles of the universe to the supermassive. Here, we bridge the knowledge, passion, and dedication of our future leaders with the world’s opportunities.

Medical Researcher

The Interstellar Initiative is the platform where these future leaders can network with like-minded individuals and work on projects that change lives. We call all our new members protostars: the very beginning of a baby star. Like baby stars, you will grow from the compounds, or, in this case, knowledge, that you gain from the environment around you.

Want to score a chance on the NovaCrypt Project Team? Join our top research group by competing in our competitions to demonstrate your abilities! Not a competition guy? Send in your resume for a chance for an interview!

Have a project you are already working on? Use it in the networking hub! Meet professionals of different skills such as web design, video editing, photo editing, and business to help you with your needs!

We have a bot featured in our server that scrapes job/team postings from other servers like StudentPort and NovaCrypt! There you can find new ideas, teams, and businesses currently looking for people like you! In addition, our website holds an archive of grants, internship opportunities, lab spaces, and programs you can apply to, along with a matching system for people looking for recruitment!

An aspiring researcher or scientist, looking for new ideas? We have a public ideas section available on our Discord server or on the website where you can pick up new ideas or join the teams currently working on them!

Professionals from all sorts of fields will come present during livestreams, talk about their work, research, and the steps and knowledge to get there! We'll be getting experts in the field, to doctors, professors, competition winners, and alumni from universities like HYPSM and competitions like ISEF, STS, IMO, and more!

Like a protostar, this is just a beginning! Have an idea? Start a team with people who share that same idea and passion, and meet mentors and professionals that can lead you on the right path!

Want to discover leaders in your area? Join your local chapter and meet the people who are doing great things in your community! Or create your own chapter!

Discovered something or done something notable yourself? Present to the rest of our community through our International Student Project Conference!

Launch your own projects at the Interstellar Initiative!