What Is NovaCrypt?

Who We Are

NovaCrypt is an international umbrella organization that focuses on researching and building projects that make a real impact. Each of our subsidiaries offers new capabilities and perks to aid in expanding projects, offering services from marketing to dedicated livestream platforms.

What We Do

Whether its building a rocket engine or developing algorithms, we work to take projects beyond the developmental stage and into the real world. We offer 12 open-source project teams and multiple private ones, working on research in biotechnology, software, aerospace, and much more.

Where We Are

With members all across the globe, NovaCrypt harnesses the power of global unity through research while also providing a world-class experience to members. We've grown so much over the past year and hope that you can join us on this amazing journey.

Why Us?

Behind the scenes, the NovaCrypt Team works to maintain the website and advance our projects to better improve the services we offer. If you are interested in joining the team, click the button below.