The Vulcan Rocket

Team Astro


Introducing the Vulcan 1!

Introducing the Vulcan Rocket, a self-landing, solid fuel, suborbital Rocket. Standing at 13 Ft tall, the Vulcan Rocket will reach an apogee of 100+ Km, above the Carmen Line - or space. Equipped with payloads and instruments, it will deploy research experiments into the edge of space.

The Rocket Engine.

Using Ammonium Perchlorate, the Vulcan Rocket uses a solid fuel rocket engine. The first of its kind, the Vulcan will self-land with solid fuel, alternative layers of fuel and baking soda to control burns as it lands. With multiple safety and auxiliary systems in place, the rocket will maintain its distance, and disassemble mid air during mission aborts.

The Mission.

This is our payload container model, which has been designed to carry research and scientific equipment, both university and commercial, into space. The container will be ejected from the rocket at apogee, and eject its contents out into space. There could also be experiments that stay in the container and observe data throughout the payload container’s journey.

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