Project Forerunner

Team Artemis


Exploring the Moon!

The Forerunner is an exploratory Lunar Rover that performs the fundamental research in preparation for the Artemis Missions. Winning $1,000 in the Singapore Space Challenge, Forerunner will be improved and further developed as we combine projects among the winning teams.

The Rover Design

Using mecanum wheels and primarily mechanical systems, the Lunar Rover minimizes the require power output, and hides exposed wiring to avoid potential damage. Equipped with deployable bucket drums and other tools, the rover can switch different tools and perform multiple operations with minimal power use.

The ISRU Units

In addition to the rover, is a customized storage facility equipped with multiple in-situ resource utilization units. This includes oxygen and Helium-3 extractors, which utilize an altered mass spectrometer for differentiation; and basaltic brick furnaces that heat and form molten regolith into usable materials.

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